Thursday, November 13, 2008

We've Arrived

We finally made it to Dublin! Holy cow - you wouldn't believe it! It's so busy, so old, there is so much character, and so much action! The streets, restaurants and pubs are packed all day long, especially in the area where we're staying called Temple Bar. It's a pretty hip, fun part of the city - never a dull moment, so we're told and so it seems! I want to take a picture of every single building and door and cobblestone street, just because it's so different and beautiful compared to home. But here, it's just normal! How lucky they are...

Before take-off - happy and well rested

The flights were kind of a drag. Matt was happy watching movies most of the time, but I was really tired and couldn't fall asleep for the life of me. The timing of our flight really screwed up our sleeping pattern, and by the time we were in Dublin, we were so zonked and on a serious mission to just find our hostel to lay our heads down for a bit.

2.5 hour stop-over in Paris

First glimpse of the Emerald Isle

My luggage didn't make it from our stop-over in Paris. Matt and I had to cab it back to the airport tonight to pick it up once it arrived. We tried giving the cabby a tip, but he didn't accept it. Maybe they don't tip here, or maybe they just like us Canadians? We haven't figured that out yet, but let's hope both!

It turned out that I pre-booked our hostel for the wrong night. Figures. The luck of the Irish just isn't on my side quite yet! The hostel staff are really friendly, and apparently they can't easily understand what I'm saying. Little do they know that they're the ones speaking funny!

I'm starting to re-think what I packed. My bag is WAY too heavy to lug around these bumpy Dublin streets and up loads of stairs (our hostel is all staircase). I'm already sifting through my bag and deciding what things I should send home. Why didn't I just listen to everyone who told me to pack light?

After our nap once we arrived at our hostel, Matt and I wandered Temple Bar for a place to eat. We circled the place at least three times, still undecided and starving. There is too much to choose from and every place looks so good. We finally decided on some Persian eats - beef, chicken and lamb shish kabobs with salad, cabbage, and four different kinds of sauces, all on a fresh baked pita. It was dee-lish!

Matt's in bed right now for the night. I caught a few more zee's than him on the flight, so I'm good to go for a while. It's midnight here and I'm sitting in the common room where a bunch of Spanish and Aussie folk are drinking the night away. We haven't had the opportunity to strike up real conversation with anyone (we were given a private room, which doesn't help), but hopefully we make some friends soon!

I could really use a shower. I haven't checked the shower situation out yet, but if it's anything like the bathrooms...eek! Luckily, that kinda stuff doesn't bother me too much.

Tomorrow morning we have an orientation at USIT, where they'll give us advice on where to live, how to find a job, how to do our banking, etc. This will probably put me at ease, since I've been a little nervous about the whole job thing since I've gotten here.

Wow, I thought blogging would be a lot harder than it is. I don't consider myself much of a writer, but when so much excitement is happening, I can't help but blab on and on! Let's just see how long I can keep it up...


Anonymous said...

YAY!! you did it! Im soo glad you did the blog! (no pressure to keep it up!) I can tell already from your excitement it sounds like you guys will have so much fun! I got your email and just couldn't resist reading the blog... and I guess being the first to comment! haha
Have Fun and Take Care!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun and excitment! I hope you packed your shower shoes!! Thanks for the update, I can't wait to read all about the adventures yet to come. Also, I can see the beautiful flower border you picked, nice choice!

Anonymous said...

Wait, I'm not anonymous, I'm Mindy! I'm new to blogs! Lets see if this works...

Anonymous said...

Alex!!! Darling I'm so happy for you and Matt! You guys will have a blast, and I can see that you're already loving the essence of Europe! Please do take a thousand pictures for us not so fortunate ones! Glad you liked the Persian food haha, I'll make sure to cook some for you when you're back.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Now only if you can figure out where they put your lucky charms. :)

Anonymous said...

Go figure! Of course your bag would get stuck in Paris while Weeman's is safe in your possession.
You, being the one who carefully packed all the things she would need and is dependant upon recieving that bag, and Weeman being the guy who could go the whole year with nothing more than the clothes he has on his back.

I'm glad you made it safe and sound! Don't worry about meeting people, that will happen soon enough!

Keep blogging!

There is something humorous about picturing you two pull wheely bags along cobblestong roads for a year.

Anonymous said...


We miss you here at KW|AG! So glad you arrived safe and sound. You sound excited which is awesome. By the way, you don't tip most places (restaurants, cabs, etc.) in Europe. You'll figure it all out.
Take care and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys: So far the trip sounds so much fun. Hope your baggage is OK.

Please keep your comment coming. We love hearing from you.

Don't do anything that we wouldn't do. Love to you both,

Dida and Sheila

Anonymous said...

Soooh excited for you Alex! Can't wait to hear about your many adventures. I'll have to look up the name of that hostel I was telling you about on the Dingle Peninsula.

Anonymous said...


Love you lots...take care!

Anonymous said...

WOW alex! sounds like you and matt are off to one exciting adventure!!!
Cant wait to hear all the updates as you blog them!!!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

I want pictures...lots of em! Can't believe I'm talking to you now over there. I'm Irish green (if such a colour exists) with envy. Is that a sin? God Bless You and may the good luck of the Irish be with you too!

Unknown said...

No tips required, sister! Part of the beauty of Europe. Remember that when you're dining, too:)
Glad you've arrived. Sorry about your luck so far! It's certain to get better.
Keep safe!
Love Big Sis

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to how my mother left you a comment when she doesn't know how to work either the internet OR a keyboard.